Michael Lipkin: Sacred Spaces

Michael Lipkin: Sacred Spaces

Kim Foster GalleryNew York, NY USA jeudi 14 février 2013samedi 16 mars 2013

Kim Foster Gallery
New York, NY USA
jeudi 14 février 2013samedi 16 mars 2013

Kim Foster Gallery is pleased to present, Sacred Spaces, recent photographs and video by Michael Lipkin. This is his first solo exhibition at the Gallery. His artworks focus on the subjective interaction with architecture.

Lipkin moves beyond the conventional definition of architecture as a visual art, that exists first in the imagination,, then in design documents, and finally as bricks and mortar to be photographed at its most attractive angle. For Lipkin, architecture exists to accommodate and at times elevate our human existence. In the case of “sacred spaces,” the architecture shares a history that draws on all our senses, not just visual.

Lipkin is intrigued by the abstraction of architectural space from its form and mass to its elements - light, time, and movement. He is inspired by the aspirations that have been realized in the construction of these buildings – to imagine the unimaginable, to witness the sacred.

Michael Lipkin is an architect, designer, photographer, video artist, and sculptor. He received his undergraduate degree in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Architecture degree from Yale.

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