gold petrol by marc rembold

Marc Rembold

Gold Petrol, 2008 - 2012

love me love me not love me by marc rembold

Marc Rembold

Love Me Love Me Not Love Me, 2011

instant karma no.34 by lori hersberger

Lori Hersberger

Instant Karma No.34, 2013

black water by philippe zumstein

Philippe Zumstein

Black Water, 2013

untitled by philippe zumstein

Philippe Zumstein

Untitled, 2007

instant karma no.15; (exhibition view)

Instant Karma No.15; (Exhibition View), 2013

jeudi 6 juin 2013samedi 27 juillet 2013

Picassoplatz 4
Basel, Switzerland

Opening Reception : Thursday June 6 2013 6-9PM
in the presence of the artists

Crystel Ceresa
Lori Hersberger
Robert Lazzarini
Kelly McCallum
Marc Rembold
Phlippe Zumstein

We Are Young brings together a group of artists who may have originally inhabited radically different positions. The word Young may refers to: lesser-known / well-known, the artworks and the individuals, at a pivotal moment in the Basel art world. The exhibition reveals the various pioneering styles and techniques each artist employed while paying homage to earlier traditions of painting and sculpture. We Are Young will include works by Crystel Ceresa, Lori Hersberger, Robert Lazzarini, Kelly McCallum, Marc Rembold and Phlippe Zumstein who currently living and working in Switzerland, France, UK and United States.