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Chinese Abstraction Now
Asia Week 2013

Chinese Abstraction Now
Asia Week 2013

daybreak by huang i-ming

Huang I-Ming

Daybreak, 2009

untitled by liang quan

Liang Quan


upper left to right:<br />liang quan, <i>tea stain # 5</i><br />hai tao, <i>nimble peaks</i><br />jia you fu, <i>song without a sound</i><br />zhu jin shi , <i>abstract #4</i>

Upper left to right:
Liang Quan, Tea Stain # 5
Hai Tao, Nimble Peaks
Jia You Fu, Song Without a Sound
Zhu Jin Shi , Abstract #4

nimble peaks by hai tao

Hai Tao

Nimble Peaks, 2005

auspicious by huang i-ming

Huang I-Ming

Auspicious, 2009

lundi 18 mars 2013samedi 23 mars 2013

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