Nina Murdoch: Shedding Light

Nina Murdoch: Shedding Light

hewer's meadows by nina murdoch

Nina Murdoch

Hewer's Meadows, 2011

pedder’s chase by nina murdoch

Nina Murdoch

Pedder’s Chase, 2011

north shore by nina murdoch

Nina Murdoch

North Shore, 2011

prawle point by nina murdoch

Nina Murdoch

Prawle Point, 2010

mardi 1 novembre 2011samedi 26 novembre 2011

London, United Kingdom

The Directors of Marlborough Fine Art are delighted to announce their forthcoming exhibition of new work by Nina Murdoch. This is her first exhibition since joining the gallery last year.

“Corridors, steps, wedges of light and otherworldly colour, Nina Murdoch’s paintings evoke an uninhabited but haunting world in which the sun and moon seem to rise and set in chambers indoors”

In this new series of paintings, the artist continues to explore her preoccupation with light, space and architecture. The paintings evolve out of an intense process of painting, varnishing and sanding. She works through many complex layers of egg and pigment until she achieves a patina which evokes the time worn surfaces of the areas from which she finds her inspiration. For this show as well as her urban haunts, she has for the first time been attracted outside London to the rural settings of South Devon, albeit a secret world war two concrete bunker set into the rocks beside a coastal path.

“Her pictures are not idealized or frozen moments, they are living statements – bulletins from the front-line of urban existence.”

Murdoch’s paintings have been likened to Hopper, de Chirico and the Italian Futurists but her unique method of painting render them quite individual and relate to her emotional involvement with the shifting light within urban spaces.

“She paints details now, fragments not cities, and concentrates on making patterns work convincingly with space and light. Her colour is like curdled light, her palette has brought the sky down to earth, and through the distinctive streaks and macular stipplings she has discovered in her paint surfaces, she summons the stars into the reflecting mirror of her facades.”

A fully illustrated catalogue will be published with an introduction by Andrew Lambirth (from which the above quotes have been taken).

For further information about the exhibition, to request an interview with the artist or obtain photographs, please contact Mary Miller or John Erle-Drax 0207 629 5161 [email protected] and [email protected]