Art Miami

Art Miami

red, blue and green series v by ge guanzhong

Ge Guanzhong

Red, Blue and Green Series V, 2007

desire, landscape by qin feng

Qin Feng

Desire, Landscape, 2008

you and me by xie aige

Xie Aige

You and Me, 2012

mardi 3 décembre 2013dimanche 8 décembre 2013

London, United Kingdom

Chinese Ink Art represents a link between China’s great past and the galloping pace towards her future. The ink paintings we are showing at Art Miami incorporate a deep understanding of classical Chinese culture which contemporary artists believe to be essential to their quest to create a new pictorial language – one that expresses the fundamentals of today’s world.

Goedhuis exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery last year a survey of recent trends in Ink Art and these twenty works again feature the exceptional diversity of approaches and styles being explored by these artists who come from the Mainland and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and North America.

Just as Cézanne and Picasso assimilated the work of Raphael, Poussin, Velázquez and other old masters in order to develop their own revolutionary language, so the ink painters in China and elsewhere are grappling with the same challenge.

The range of works we are exhibiting at Art Miami will be illustrated by calligraphers such as Qin Feng, Fung Ming Chip and Tong Yangtze who expand the Chinese language into a passionate abstract expressionism, and eclectic artists such as Ge Guanzhong and Wei Dong, who deploy iconic and unique new strategies.