Ed Ruscha: New Work

Ed Ruscha: New Work

Los Angeles, CA USA lundi 4 avril 2011mercredi 27 juillet 2011
ghost station by ed ruscha

Ed Ruscha

Ghost Station, 2011

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Los Angeles, CA USA
lundi 4 avril 2011mercredi 27 juillet 2011

Mixografía® is pleased to present a new print edition incorporating the re-visitation of an iconic image by the Los Angeles based artist Ed Ruscha at the gallery in downtown on view throughout the summer months of 2011.

In the later part of October 2010, the artist approached the workshop with his ninth project idea from the past 20-years with his desire to imprint an all-white gas station drawn from his previous 1966 title, Standard Station, which was executed using silk-screens in red, blue and white and with variations following in 1969; Moca Standard, Cheese Mold Standard with Olive, and Double Standard.

Incorporating the technologies of the Mixografía® process in generating his low-relief textured print, this work aims to redefine and strip bare any past recollection leaving the viewer struck by its ghost.

On a drive along U.S. Route 66 in the early 1960s, the artist became fascinated with the mundane and often banal variety of gas stations set against the stark western landscape, a necessary resource in order to fuel his continuation. This allure led him to photograph the many building designs, brand trademarks and ordinary road-side sterility of their insignificance and compiled in the publication of his first book Twenty-six Gasoline Stations, 1963, as well as paint and draw the now familiar automobile wind-shield view of this 20th Century invention and rendered by the artist in a stylized high tower perspective exploding over the roadway declaring importance.

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