New York Academy of Art

2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition

2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition

New York, NY, USA mardi 14 mai 2013vendredi 31 mai 2013

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New York, NY, USA
mardi 14 mai 2013vendredi 31 mai 2013

On view daily 2–8 pm
Opening Reception: May 14, 6–8pm

A culmination of two years of intensive skills training and conceptual exploration, the 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the best original drawing, painting, sculpture and prints by the Academy’s 56 newly minted MFA recipients.

The New York Academy of Art believes that when young artists are given the most extensive set of visual tools available and a complete awareness of contemporary culture, they will make important contributions to visual culture by doing what many people believe is no longer possible—making great art.

“Thousands of years of cultural production are handed down to our students every year through anatomical studies, history of techniques classes and the study of critical theory, allowing students to make art from a position of informed power,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Peter Drake. “Every day when I walk through the halls of the Academy, I’m overwhelmed by the complexity and sophistication of the work being produced here.”

The graduating class of 2013 offers a prime example of what can happen when talent, intelligence and willful determination meet as a counterpoint to cultural relativity.

A catalogue will be available, featuring an essay by David Ebony, managing editor at Art in America.

High-res images are available upon request.

Located in Tribeca and founded in 1982, the New York Academy of Art is a not-for-profit graduate school that combines intensive technical training with active critical discourse. In the belief that rigorously trained artists are best able to realize their artistic vision, Academy students learn to master the traditional methods and techniques and are encouraged to use these skills to make vital contemporary art.

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