The Many Faces of Bowie (Opera Gallery London)

The Many Faces of Bowie (Opera Gallery London)

Paris, France vendredi 21 juin 2013samedi 31 août 2013
experimental by joe black

Joe Black


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Paris, France
vendredi 21 juin 2013samedi 31 août 2013

The Many Faces of Bowie
An Artistic Tribute to David Bowie
21st June – 31st August 2013

On 21st June 2013, Opera Gallery London will unveil a collection of David Bowie-inspired art for their summer exhibition. The highly anticipated group show will offer a contemporary vision of ‘Bowie Mania’ with one-off masterpieces including tributes from some of today’s leading contemporary and street artists, including; Mr Brainwash, Joe Black, Eduardo Guelfenbein, Nick Gentry, Marco Lodola and The London Police.

The Many Faces of Bowie will pay homage to the iconic rock star with artwork featuring a delicious juxtaposition of styles showcasing each artist’s unique interpretation of David Bowie’s unprecedented influence and inspiration on their lives.

Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, will be immortalised in ‘Bowie Triptych’ by celebrity and ‘rebel of the street art world’ Mr Brainwash, known for depicting faces of Jay-Z and Kate Moss in his signature spray paint works. Similarly installation artist Marco Lodola will pay his respect to Bowie using Ziggy Stardust as an inspiration for his mixed media and light box sculpture titled ‘Aladdin’.

"David Bowie is an incredible ‘icon’; a term to be understood as an idol but also in the ancient Greek notion of eikōn meaning "image" or even religious work of art. It is clear to see that he has influenced many lives, and every artist involved was proud to create a piece in his honour”
Jean-David Malat, Director Opera Gallery London

Additional highlights include Eduardo Guelfenbein’s large and striking abstract acrylic on canvas, honouring Bowie with mesmerising brush strokes exposing the hidden face of the icon when admired from afar.

And London’s very own Joe Black created an outstanding portrait of the singer made out of over 9,000 painted test tubes. A 3-dimensional artwork that will excite and surprise the viewers’ eyes.

The Exhibition will showcase a variety of mediums ranging from painting and sculptures to multimedia art works all dedicated to British rock icon David Bowie.

Full List of Artists Participating Include:
Lita Cabellut, David Mach, Joe Black, C215, The London Police, Mac1, Jimmy C, Nick Walker, Kid Zoom, Mr. Brainwash, Kan (Da Mental Vaporz), Juan Barletta, Hisham Echafaki, Jef Aerosol, DFace, Marco Lodola, Andre Monet, Nick Gentry, Zoobs, Eduardo Guelfenbein, Paul Alexis, Jean-Paul Donadini, Richard Young.