Tim Flach: More Than Human Dec 6 – Jan 26, 2013

Tim Flach: More Than Human Dec 6 – Jan 26, 2013

kanja shaking by timothy flach

Timothy Flach

Kanja Shaking, 2012

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jeudi 6 décembre 2012samedi 26 janvier 2013

London, United Kingdom

Many of you have enjoyed the worldwide success of the Dogs Gods and Equus projects. For this exhibition we are choosing to show other aspects of Tim Flach’s work. Here is a chance to see some truly extraordinary images, many being shown for the first time. The new work reflects Tim’s current preoccupation with the contemporary relationship between humans and animals, focussing on how we engage with them within the contexts of history, culture, politics and science. This has all come together in a new book, More Than Human, published in October 2012 with a launch and exhibition at the gallery. Through Tim’s unique vision and ability to challenge the viewer, he has created a series of images which encompass not only his personal beliefs, but the concepts common in modern and historical religious and cultural symbolism, the human obsession with ‘cuteness’, cross-breeding, the blurred line between human and animal genetic modification, conservation, morphology and plasticity.

For more information, artist details and images contact the gallery: info@osbornesamuel.com