Bruce Beasley

Bruce Beasley

breakout ii by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Breakout II, 1992

bateleur ii by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Bateleur II, 1992

ascender ii by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Ascender II, 1991

watchtower by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Watchtower, 1992

tenacity by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Tenacity, 1990

solid sequence by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Solid Sequence, 1993

jeudi 28 juin 2012samedi 25 août 2012

London, United Kingdom

Summer Pangolin London will host the first major solo show in Europe by acclaimed American sculptor Bruce Beasley. Known for his astounding sculptures, Beasley’s cubic structures as much explore the simple beauty of shape as they do mass and geometry.

Bruce Beasley was born in 1939 in Los Angeles, California and since being introduced to metalworking in school then later studying at Dartmouth college at a time where it had made a huge commitment to sculpture has been an integral component to the world of art. Beasley’s inspiration originates predominantly from organic structures and through both observation and investigation he has developed his own unique language that is instantly recognisable.

“Nature arrives at this perfect point between change and stillness, between form that is evolving and form that is complete; nature does this most easily and with rare mistakes. Nature remains the ideal guide and the great resource; without it, there is no warmth, no heart and I insist that my work have both.” Bruce Beasley

In 1962 Bruce Beasley acquired a run down old warehouse where he proceeded to build a foundry in which to invent new processes and create his own individual works. Beasley’s signature display of fluidity and movement began to become noticed and as a result he became the youngest artist ever to be collected by MOMA New York and at the same age also had pieces bought by the Pompidou centre in Paris. His work now resides within a number of private and public museum collections worldwide.

Within the work included in the exhibition at Pangolin London Beasley’s appreciation for both early modernist and romantic tradition is apparent, however it is the attention to form and his use of abstraction that is showcased clearly here. The many experiences during Bruce’s travels throughout his lifetime all hugely contribute to the appearance of his work but it is first and foremost his unusual preparatory approach that is the key factor within his sculpture.

Beasley’s intersecting of geometric forms and sometimes apparent defiance of gravity is partly due to the talented use of a 3D computer software system which he helped formulate and is used before any of the practical handling has even taken place. This tool for arranging helps the artist to realise what often originally seems an impossibility and combined with the artist’s skill and tireless commitment is what gives the work such emotive movement and life.

Pangolin London are proud to present this representative selection of Bruce Beasley’s later work and as a result of their commitment and valued relationship with the artist they will also be including a special limited edition work that is exclusive to Pangolin and recently cast at the affiliated foundry Pangolin Editions.

A fully illustrated catalogue and hardback publication will also accompany the exhibition.