ART HK11, Stand 1J03

ART HK11, Stand 1J03

Shanghai, China jeudi 26 mai 2011dimanche 29 mai 2011

Shanghai, China
jeudi 26 mai 2011dimanche 29 mai 2011

Featuring works by Golnaz Fathi, Lei Hong, Li Tianbing, Zhang Huan and Zhu Jinshi

Collectors and Press Preview (Invitation Only): Wednesday, May 25, 2–5pm
Vernissage (By Invitation or Ticket): Wednesday, May 25, 5–9pm
General Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 26- 28, 12-7pm
Sunday, May 29, 12-5pm

To coincide with the fourth edition of ART HK 11, Hong Kong’s premiere international art fair. Pearl Lam is announcing a new format to her art galleries


Founded in 1992 by Pearl Lam. Based in Hong Kong and with cultural roots in London. The vision was an Art Gallery, which challenged prevailing notions of both the representation and creation of Art and Design in both these cities of global power and influence.

The concept was to push boundaries beyond dialogue and to create new works with Artists and Designers whom were in the pioneering stages of exploring and assimilating the future aesthetics of an west - east culture.

The early international success of The Gallery established Pearl Lam as being at the vanguard of a global cultural scene, which was inclusive of a rapidly evolving art and cultural scene in China.


The scope and scale of the multi-disciplinary and cross cultural work, as well as complex installation projects involving often controversial artists has inevitably outgrown the original singular gallery format.

Pearl Lam Galleries will assimilate the pioneering work of The Gallery. It will be the ‘umbrella organization’ for three departments — enabling a more dynamically leaning forward realization of future works and programs.


Pearl Lam Fine Art
Pearl Lam Design
PL Art Consultancy

Pearl Lam Fine Art will exhibit five prominent artists at the fourth edition of the Hong Kong International Art Fair, May 26-29, 2011. The stand will showcase works by artists Golnaz Fathi, Lei Hong, Li Tianbing, Zhang Huan and Zhu Jinshi. All the featured artists produce works incorporating traditional and contemporary elements, a confluence of the East and West.

As a trained calligrapher, Golnaz Fathi has the ability to skillfully transform known language into form and composition, using calligraphic form as an abstraction of itself. Her diptych Untitled 2008 and triptych Untitled 2009, balance colour and layers of text in an exploration of an enigmatic calligraphic language.

Lei Hong’s works are composed of dots, lines and squares that have certain characteristics of Western abstract paintings, but do not follow a rational structure of elements. Instead, Lei’s dots and lines are not conceptual, but marks that relate to traditional Chinese ink painting, where spirituality and training of the mind are key.

Li Tianbing’s most recent body of work reflects his actual childhood, as well as his fantasies of childhood, thus creating imagined experiences. Memory # 9 illustrates Li’s use of photographs of himself as a child as a starting point, on which he layers images from the past and present, where reality and fiction are intertwined and Eastern and Western values are reconciled.

First famous for his performance art where his body was the focus of his controversial work, Zhang Huan now has focused on more traditional and skillful approaches. Zhang’s Fishermen merges silkscreen with wood carving on an antique door, while Spiritual Leader follows an old Chinese technique where craftsmen make a mould of a Buddha face, before placing a cowhide on its surface and weighing it down with heavy bags to press it into shape.

Zhu Jinshi has devoted himself to abstract painting for three decades. Paintings shown in this exhibition such as Dream at Night and Go Grandmaster refer to a specific time, place or mood where explicit imagery dissolves into a pure material, colour and gesture.