lavender poppy by vivian springford

Vivian Springford

Lavender Poppy, 1970 - 1971

windblown by helen lundeberg

Helen Lundeberg

Windblown, 1964

taos landscape by keith crown

Keith Crown

Taos Landscape, 1972

untitled by al held

Al Held

Untitled, 2005

right slide by frederick hammersley

Frederick Hammersley

Right Slide, 1964

soutiney by jack roth

Jack Roth

Soutiney, 1983

gudrun by james brooks

James Brooks

Gudrun, 1971

france blue by thomas downing

Thomas Downing

France Blue, 1965

polymer no. 4 by raymond jonson

Raymond Jonson

Polymer No. 4, 1970

lxvi by carlo ciussi

Carlo Ciussi

LXVI, 1969

untitled by daniel larue johnson

Daniel LaRue Johnson

Untitled, 1971

cortez dash computer by philippe halaburda

Philippe Halaburda

Cortez Dash Computer, 2013

opus no. 162 by masatoyo kishi

Masatoyo Kishi

Opus No. 162, 1960

untitled (no.1) by robert slutzky

Robert Slutzky

Untitled (No.1), 1978

still life with shells and classical head by jan matulka

Jan Matulka

Still Life with Shells and Classical Head, 1935