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Richmond Burton

Richmond Burton

Saint Louis, MO USA vendredi 25 janvier 2013samedi 2 mars 2013
anatomy of the lonely by richmond burton

Richmond Burton

Anatomy of the Lonely, 2009

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Saint Louis, MO USA
vendredi 25 janvier 2013samedi 2 mars 2013


For over twenty-five years, New York-based painter Richmond Burton has made abstract paintings that seduce with beauty and joy. In that time, he has exhibited widely in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere, and has been collected by numerous museums including the Metropolitan, MOMA, MOCA, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Fogg, the Eli Broad Foundation, etc. Exhibitions in the U.S. have included ones at Matthew Marks, Cheim and Read, Mario Diacono and Daniel Weinberg, to name a few. This will be his first solo exhibition in St. Louis.

Once an architectural draftsman at I.M. Pei's architectural firm, Richmond Burton began making paintings which stressed visual order and structure. Very much invested in the tradition of modernist painting at the beginning of his career, hard-edged geometrical forms dominated his early canvases. Later, more organic patterning characterized the work. Through it all, Burton returns again and again to the grid. Perhaps in the monkish isolation of his studio, as one critic has said, it is his one piece of terra firma. As Burton himself has said, "beauty is an antidote to the world we're living in," and the grid is his most frequently chosen means of access. Another critic has said that Burton's paintings attempt to "articulate an overall experience of bacchanalian saturation with color and form and movement," another critic adds "with nothing to prove beyond their colorful, generous joy." He goes on to say: "In an art world seeking to remedy its financial concerns with market and institutional critiques, as well as other theoretical and puritanical justifications for art, Burton has the courage to connect with and share the grand and often simple happiness of feeling good." Burton has a uniquely personal vision that manifests itself in lush, emotional, harmonious, and seductive abstract paintings that are full of pleasure and magic.

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