still life, flower by thomas hart benton

Thomas Hart Benton

Still Life, Flower

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manhattan monday by henry martin gasser

Henry Martin Gasser

Manhattan Monday, 1942

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mixed tulips by william glackens

William Glackens

Mixed Tulips

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sea and cliffs by edward henry potthast

Edward Henry Potthast

Sea and Cliffs

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morning glories by charles ephraim burchfield

Charles Ephraim Burchfield

Morning Glories, 1915

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poppy field in bloom by george copeland ault

George Copeland Ault

Poppy Field in Bloom, 1908

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figures in a landscape by arthur bowen davies

Arthur Bowen Davies

Figures in a Landscape

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wild roses by fairfield porter

Fairfield Porter

Wild Roses, 1961

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cock by milton avery

Milton Avery

Cock, 1957

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providence, rhode island by niles spencer

Niles Spencer

Providence, Rhode Island

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grace emerson, dancer by john french sloan

John French Sloan

Grace Emerson, Dancer, 1917

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across the hudson by max kuehne

Max Kuehne

Across the Hudson

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snow along the waterfront by henry martin gasser

Henry Martin Gasser

Snow Along the Waterfront

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river of dreams by william e. schumacher

William E. Schumacher

River of Dreams

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central park by zulema barcons

Zulema Barcons

Central Park

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new york city street scene (man made canyons) by john r. grabach

John R. Grabach

New York City Street Scene (Man Made Canyons)

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