view on south pond near long lake, adirondacks by arthur fitzwilliam tait

Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

View on South Pond near Long Lake, Adirondacks, 1881

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foggy weather by james gale tyler

James Gale Tyler

Foggy Weather, 1883

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marine by howard russell butler

Howard Russell Butler


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fresh air by winslow homer

Winslow Homer

Fresh Air

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still life, flower by thomas hart benton

Thomas Hart Benton

Still Life, Flower

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river landscape with hunter and dog by worthington whittredge

Worthington Whittredge

River Landscape with Hunter and Dog

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summer night by walter granville-smith

Walter Granville-Smith

Summer Night

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mount katahdin, snow storm by marsden hartley

Marsden Hartley

Mount Katahdin, Snow Storm, 1942

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flower in a vase by aaron draper shattuck

Aaron Draper Shattuck

Flower in a Vase

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searching the brush by harry leith-ross

Harry Leith-Ross

Searching the Brush

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coastal scene by alfred thompson bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher

Coastal Scene, vers 1871

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fishing in yellowstone lake by albert bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt

Fishing in Yellowstone Lake

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new england landscape by sanford robinson gifford

Sanford Robinson Gifford

New England Landscape, 1859

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manhattan monday by henry martin gasser

Henry Martin Gasser

Manhattan Monday, 1942

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mixed tulips by william glackens

William Glackens

Mixed Tulips

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sailing off grand manan by alfred thompson bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher

Sailing off Grand Manan, 1877

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