Extraordinary Photographs

Extraordinary Photographs

San Francisco, CA, USA jeudi 10 janvier 2008lundi 3 mars 2008
<!--03-->untitled, from the series "uncle charlie" by marc asnin

Marc Asnin

Untitled, from the series "Uncle Charlie", 2006

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untitled (helicopter, apocalypse now, prayers) by dinh q. lê

Dinh Q. Lê

Untitled (helicopter, Apocalypse Now, prayers), 2000

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parked truck, ortonville co-op, ortonville, minnesota by chris faust

Chris Faust

Parked Truck, Ortonville Co-op, Ortonville, Minnesota

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casselton cold storage, casselton, nd by brian lesteberg

Brian Lesteberg

Casselton Cold Storage, Casselton, ND

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plazy by matthew monteith

Matthew Monteith


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hlavni nadrazi pardubice by matthew monteith

Matthew Monteith

Hlavni nadrazi Pardubice

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single wanderer by thomas wrede

Thomas Wrede

Single Wanderer, 2001

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San Francisco, CA, USA
jeudi 10 janvier 2008lundi 3 mars 2008

Rosier Gallery is pleased to present our inaugural “Extraordinary Photographs” exhibition featuring striking work from both the world’s leading contemporary photographers and several of the gallery’s primary artists from January 10 through March 3, 2008.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is Alec Soth’s “Sugar’s, Davenport, Iowa”, the artist’s acclaimed photograph from his “Sleeping by the Mississippi” series. A unique, spectacular “Baby” image from Adam Fuss will be included, as well as one of Diane Arbus’ signature photographs, “Young waitress at a nudist camp, N.J.” printed by Neil Selkirk after Diane Arbus’ suicide in 1971. Also on view will be Massimo Vitali’s “Bari”, an iconic illustration of Vitali's repeated depiction of people at play juxtaposed with business and industrial activity. The show also includes wonderful images from Julie Blackmon, Dinh Q. Lê, Loretta Lux, Matthew Pillsbury and Thomas Wrede.

“Extraordinary Photographs” additionally features selected works from recent Rosier Gallery exhibitions:

Chris Faust’s “Nocturnes” depict a sometimes hidden and often disappearing traditional Midwestern landscape with his unique night photographs. Captured with only ambient light, these panoramic images beautifully illuminate subtle tone gradations and textures.

Matthew Monteith’s “Czech Eden” conveys both wonder and loneliness, not as a reflection of Czechoslovakia, but rather the artist's experience as an outsider in a country replete with contractions and an uncertain future. With their restraint, brilliant color, and thoughtful attention to the uncanny within the everyday, Monteith's photographs parallel a venerable tradition of Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld and most recently Alec Soth.

Brian Lesteberg’s “Raised to Hunt” is an intimate portrait of the people, places and accoutrements within the annual hunting ritual of rural North Dakota. These formally beautiful quiet photographs perfectly capture the understated emotion of a community and familiar activity within the broad American heartland.

Marc Asnin’s "Uncle Charlie" is a twenty-five year visual diary of dramatic intimacy and intensity that chronicles isolation, dependency, conflict, and death afflicting a mentally ill, impoverished man and his wives, girlfriends and children.

Rosier Gallery specializes in contemporary photography with a focus on both outstanding mid-career and emerging photographers and exceptional images from the world’s most renowned photo-based artists. We have served clients across the United States, including in California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida and Ohio and corporations including Microsoft and Time-Warner.