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amantes (lovers) by armando amaya

Armando Amaya

Amantes (Lovers), 1965

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untitled female portrait head by max weber

Max Weber

Untitled Female Portrait Head

2 500 USD

the rhine by thomas charles leeson rowbotham

Thomas Charles Leeson Rowbotham

The Rhine, 1851

685 USD

winter, trees & snow-cloaked ground by guy carleton wiggins

Guy Carleton Wiggins

Winter, Trees & Snow-Cloaked Ground

8 500 USD

woodcarver by oscar howe

Oscar Howe

Woodcarver, 1965

41 000 USD

three sisters by joe baker

Joe Baker

Three Sisters, 1997

16 000 USD

evelia con batón by francisco zúñiga

Francisco Zúñiga

Evelia con Batón, 1976

32 000 USD

swan dive swan lake act ii by harry fonseca

Harry Fonseca

Swan Dive Swan Lake Act II, vers 1985

18 000 USD

curvilinear spiral carved blackware jar by margaret tafoya

Margaret Tafoya

Curvilinear Spiral Carved Blackware Jar, vers 1970

4 800 USD

notre dame by albert marquet

Albert Marquet

Notre Dame, 1950

450 USD

la cruz by roberto marquez

Roberto Marquez

La Cruz, 1985

21 000 USD

eagle dancer painted yellow wearing an orange sash by tonita pena

Tonita Pena

Eagle Dancer Painted Yellow Wearing an Orange Sash, vers 1915

600 USD

paternal posture by clare boothe luce

Clare Boothe Luce

Paternal Posture, vers 1955

900 USD

old overland by herman wendelborg hansen

Herman Wendelborg Hansen

Old Overland, 1923

1 500 USD

no vacancy by j. eugene grigsby

J. Eugene Grigsby

No Vacancy

8 000 USD

when we can't get what we want, we must love what we have by pedro friedeberg

Pedro Friedeberg

When we can't get what we want, we must love what we have

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