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Jules Breton

(French, 1827 - 1906)

fillette portent une cruche et un panier au retourdes champs by jules breton

Jules Breton

Fillette Portent Une Cruche et un Panier au Retourdes Champs, 1894

gleaner (glaneuse) by jules breton

Jules Breton

Gleaner (Glaneuse), 1894

petite bretonne by jules breton

Jules Breton

Petite Bretonne



Breton was born on May 1st to a prominent family in the small village of Courrières in the Artois region of northern France
Breton was sent to school at a Catholic seminary, and three years later to the college of Douai, where he received a classical education. It was his first opportunity to study drawing.
In the summer of 1843, he so impressed the Belgian artist, Felix de Vigne with his portraits and sketches after nature, that the artist invited Breton to study with him in his studio as well as at the Royal Academy in Ghen
Focused his attention on landscape painting in the environs of Paris.
Named a Chevalier of the Legion d’honneur
Promoted to officer of the same order
Awarded the Medal of Honor
His election to the Institut de France solidified his status as one of the most respected painters of his day.
This same year his painting, The Communicants, sold at auction in New York for $45,000—the highest price paid for the work of a living artist with the exception of a painting by Meissonier.
Died in Paris on July 4th