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yellow stripe by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Yellow Stripe, 2011

gray and orange by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Gray and Orange, 2011

green edge by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Green Edge, 2012

vendredi 8 février 2013samedi 30 mars 2013

Jackson, WY USA

Tayloe Piggott Gallery is thrilled to present FIELDS WOODS HILLS, an exhibition spotlighting eighty year old landscape master Wolf Kahn. Honored by the opportunity to host Kahn, Piggott felt inspired to focus this exhibition with small pastel works, as if they are the studies to the counterpoints of his large canvases that are often associated with Kahn’s known works. FIELDS WOODS HILLS features 40 intimate pastels and 5 oil paintings that epitomize his genius while still being approachable to a wide spectrum of collectors.

Reimagining nature’s palette, Wolf Kahn channels his clairvoyance for color into transcendent landscapes. By his masterful hand, a thin stand of trees becomes a lavender forest rising from a fuchsia field or a fluorescent sunset rising from an aubergine hillside. His paintings and pastels pulse with the profundity of epiphanies experienced in nature.

Kahn paints from a deep understanding of place and palette. Pastels are an integral part of Kahn’s process. Summer afternoons often find him winding his way around the fields, woods and hills surrounding his Vermont home. On these walks, he stops when he sees something that piques his interest and records it with pastels. Gallery owner and curator, Tayloe Piggott has said, “Wolf Kahn uses colors to express the dance of nature.” His landscapes express the awe experienced outdoors: a kaleidoscopic dawn that defies definition; a field suffused with light, pressed into memory. Back in his studio, these studies grow into finished works that retain the spontaneity enabled by pastels. As such, FIELDS WOODS HILLS celebrates the seedbed of Kahn’s creativity.

Kahn’s oeuvre spans six decades. Born in Germany, Kahn fled to England during World War II and ultimately immigrated with his family to New York City. He studied with the seminal Abstract Expressionist Hans Hofmann, becoming his studio assistant. Although he came of age immersed in Abstract Expressionism, Kahn veered from his peers and turned to nature for inspiration. Between pictorial landscapes and painterly abstraction, he has found scenes saturated with light and color.

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