Travis Hansson Fine Art

moonmad by max ernst

Max Ernst

Moonmad, 1956

jubilee iii by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Jubilee III, 1987

concetto spaziale by lucio fontana

Lucio Fontana

Concetto Spaziale, 1967

untitled by joan mitchell

Joan Mitchell

Untitled, 1967

personnage by joan miró

Joan Miró

Personnage, 1975

untitled (abuse of power) by jenny holzer

Jenny Holzer

Untitled (Abuse of Power), 1987

la baigneuse by jacques lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz

La Baigneuse, 1961

la serpentine by henri matisse

Henri Matisse

La Serpentine, 1948

untitled by franz kline

Franz Kline

Untitled, 1953

man at the beach by fernando botero

Fernando Botero

Man at the Beach, 1993

dressed woman by fernando botero

Fernando Botero

Dressed Woman

untitled by christopher wool

Christopher Wool

Untitled, 2003

thinker on rock by barry flanagan

Barry Flanagan

Thinker on Rock, 1997

face au vent by baltasar lobo

Baltasar Lobo

Face au Vent, 1977

torse-feuille by hans arp

Hans Arp

Torse-feuille, 1963

blood solid by anish kapoor

Anish Kapoor

Blood Solid, 2001