Youth - Lv Miao Art Exhibition

Youth - Lv Miao Art Exhibition



samedi 9 avril 2011vendredi 29 avril 2011

Beijing, China

Lv Miao stands out among emerging young artists for his acute insight into social phenomena and special style of expression. After his graduation from the Department of Print-making of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Lv Miao studied in University of New Brunswick and then University of the Arts Bremen. Whatever the artworks themselves or the production process, Lv totally differs from most of his peers. First, he designs the pattern of the artwork on computer, then using laser to carve such pattern on acrylic boards, finally spraying car paint repeatedly based on the laser-cut traces - this is the complete process of Lv Miao's creations.

Regarding to visual expression, Lv Miao, with graphic design and industrial process, gives his works a special visual language and exploratory attitude which are totally different with others, emphasizing on some alienation of social reality.

As to theme, if City Series is mirroring modern people's loneliness with formalistic cityscape, then Hero Series, White Collar Series and Paranoia Series are reflecting modern people's image with surrealistic expression. The sharp lines of buildings in the harmonious egg-shaped pictures in "Blade•Peak" form a conflict which implies the upcoming danger. In "Lucky Cloud", this danger was given a new meaning - the soft smoke which reminds people of the terror of 9/11. The stability of the picture is disturbed by viewers' imagination about horror.

2008, Lv Miao finished his study in Germany and his creation return to people's daily life in China. In "For Love" which was finished in 2010, Lv Miao uses "Forever®" bike to symbolize forever love, pretty women and luxurious cars vanity, skulls and crossbones dolcevita, red hearts love. It seems that alienation is a kind of recreation of images rather than estrangedness. Considering all his works as a system, Lv Miao's imagic narration conveys an invisible metaphor to the viewers with the subtle successiveness of his works.

With the development of society and techniques, contemporary art are more varied and diversified. In this exhibition, artist Lv Miao will lead the viewers into a vigorous world of youth with his works which are the perfect fusion of graphic design and industrial techniques.

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