returning from the harvest by john clayton adams

John Clayton Adams

Returning from the Harvest

ducks with ducklings by constant artz

Constant Artz

Ducks with Ducklings

the meet at the manor by frank moss bennett

Frank Moss Bennett

The Meet at the Manor

the rock-girt pools of spean by samuel john lamorna birch

Samuel John Lamorna Birch

The Rock-Girt Pools of Spean, 1935

innocence by eugen von blaas

Eugen von Blaas


the young cook by pierre edouard frère

Pierre Edouard Frère

The Young Cook

the tower of london from the thames & putney bridge by myles birket foster

Myles Birket Foster

The Tower of London from the Thames & Putney Bridge

flowers in two glass vases on a table by mark william fisher

Mark William Fisher

Flowers in Two Glass Vases on a Table

village of kerjouano, france by marcel dyf

Marcel Dyf

Village of Kerjouano, France

montfrin, france by marcel dyf

Marcel Dyf

Montfrin, France

a vase of flowers & fruit on a table by marcel dyf

Marcel Dyf

A Vase of Flowers & Fruit on a Table

still life with mixed fruit & a rug with landscape beyond by william duffield

William Duffield

Still Life with Mixed Fruit & a Rug with Landscape Beyond, 1855

still life with a basket of fruit on a table with a rug by william duffield

William Duffield

Still Life with a Basket of Fruit on a Table with a Rug

after the ball by henri lucien doucet

Henri Lucien Doucet

After the Ball

vieux moulin by gabriel deschamps

Gabriel Deschamps

Vieux Moulin