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Emil Nolde    (German, 1867-1956)

 Emil Nolde - Kronenkraniche (Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.)) h: 34.1 x w: 46.6 cm / h: 13.4 x w: 18.3 in
Emil Nolde
Kronenkraniche 1923-1924

1867 Born: in Nolde, North Schleswig, Germany as Emil Hansen on August 7th
1884 - 1888 Had an apprenticeship as a wood carver and furniture designer in Flensburg
1892 - 1898 Taught industrial drawing at the Gewerbemuseum
1899 Went to Dachau to become Adolf Hölzel’s pupil
1906 Briefly joined a group of painters called ‘Die Brücke’
1909 First attempted to paint using watercolors on non-absorbent paper
1939 - 1945 Painted his ‘unpainted paintings’ in Seebüll
1956 Died: in Seebüll, Germany on April 13th

2012 Max Liebermann und Emil Nolde. Gartenbilder, Liebermann Villa am Wannsee, Germany
2011 Die unbekannte Sammlung - Klassiker der Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany
2008 Emil Nolde. Begegnung mit dem Nordischen, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld
2007 Emil Nolde. Die Bergpostkarten, Museumberg Flensburg, Flensburg
2006 Emile Nolde, Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Tsu City
1996 Emil Nolde--Christian Rohlfs, Galerie St. Etienne New York
1995 Emil Nolde: The Painter's Prints, Boston Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA
1991 Degenerate Art: The Fate of the Avant-Garde in Nazi GermaNew York, Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles, CA
1988 Emil Nolde in Berlin, Brücke Museum Berlin, Germany
1985 German Art of the 20th Century, Royal Academy of Art London, England
1980 Expressionism: A German Intuition, Guggenheim Museum New York, NY
1963 Emil Nolde, Museum of Modern Art New York, NY
1957 Emil Nolde: Memorial Exhibition, Kunstverein Hamburg
1948 Emil Nolde, Kestner-Gesellschaft Hanover
1948 Die Brücke, Kunsthalle Bern
1946 Emil Nolde, Hamburg
1939 (First American one-man show), Buchholz Gallery New York
1937 Degenerate Art, Circulated by Nazis
1931 German Painting and Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art New York, NY
1927 Emil Nolde, Dresden, Hamburg, Kiel, Essen, Wiesbaden
1912 Second exhibition of the Blaue Reiter, Munich, Germany
1912 Sonderbund Exhibition, Cologne, Germany
1908 Emil Nolde, Galerie Paul Cassirer Berlin, Germany
1905 Emil Nolde, Galerie Ernst Arnold Dresden, Germany
1905 Berlin Secession, Berlin, Germany
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