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Wassily Kandinsky    (Russian, 1866-1944)

 Wassily Kandinsky - Allerheiligen
Wassily Kandinsky
Allerheiligen 1911
 Wassily Kandinsky - Weisser Klang
Wassily Kandinsky
Weisser Klang 1911

1866 Born: Moscow, Russia on December 16
1886 - 1892 University of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
1897 - 1899 Studied under the private instruction of Anton Azbe
1900 Entered Kunstakademie (The Munich Academy of Arts) and studied under Franz Stuck
1900 Participated in the exhibition of the Moscow Partnership of Artists
1901 Founded Phalanx, an art group
1909 Founded the New Group of Artists (Neue Kunstlervereinigung), and became the President
1911 Kandinsky and Frantsem Mark established the group Blue Rider (Blaue Reiter)
1910 - 1912 Participated in the exhibition of “Jack of Diamonds” art group
1912 Published Concerning the Spiritual in Art, the first theoretical foundation of abstractionism
1922 Joined the Bauhaus school of art and architecture by invitation of founder Walter Gropius and teaches there until its close by the Nazis in 1933
1944 Died at Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

2009 - 2010 Sept. - Jan., "Kandinsky - Absolute. Abstract", New York, NY
2009 April - Aug., "Kandinsky - Absolute. Abstract", Paris, France
2006 June 22 - Oct. 1, "Kandinsky, The Path to Abstraction", Tate Modern, London, England
1909 Neue Künstlervereinigung München (NKVM). Heinrich Thannhauser’s Moderne Galerie. Munich, Germany.
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