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ART IN FASHION - Silk Artists Squares from 1947,    Apr 24 - May 18, 2012

La Mer
Alexander Calder
La Mer, 1946
Jean Cocteau
Visage, 1947
The Lovers - Boy and Girl
André Derain
The Lovers - Boy and Girl, 1947
Landscape Sculpture
Barbara Hepworth
Landscape Sculpture, 1947
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The Aschers' work in textiles and art represent the postwar ambition to do something different, something avant-garde. Their vision was to promote optimism in a postwar society that was often dreary and depressing. The concept of the Ascher Squares--of collaboration between artist and designer, of freedom within an industry that had always been highly structured--was new. No instruction was given, no restriction placed upon creativity. "Make art" was the request, "let inspiration be the guide." The artists so employed represented a cross-section of Europe itself. They were English, Spanish, Greek, Russian, American, French in a sense, the Ascher Square is both a representation of postwar liberation and the state of art in the whole of Europe at the time.

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