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Peter Krauskopf: Block    Nov 5 - Dec 23, 2011

Ausstellungsansicht: Peter Krauskopf: Block, 2011
Ausstellungsansicht: Peter Krauskopf: Block, 2011
Ausstellungsansicht: Peter Krauskopf: Block, 2011
Ausstellungsansicht: Peter Krauskopf: Block, 2011
Landschaft mit abstraktem Gemälde
Peter Krauskopf
Landschaft mit abstraktem Gemälde, 2011
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Peter Krauskopf: Block

November 5th – December 23rd, 2011
Opening reception November 4th, 6 to 9 pm

„Naturally, we all know what time is; it is he most familiar thing of all.
But as soon as we attempt to give an account of time-consciousness,
.... we get entangled in the most peculiar difficulties, contradictions, and confusions.“
(Edmund Husserl, On the phenomenology of the consciousness of internal time,
translated by John B. Brough)

Berlin artist Peter Krauskopf has arranged a selection of new paintings for his exhibition „Block“ which is on show from November 5th until December 23rd in the Walter Storms Galerie.

Peter Krauskopf is interested in the process of repainting. At first sight, all of his pictures – the color intensive smaller boards as well as the monochrome color gradients of the big formats – look like abstract paintings. Yet they are concretions of a certain passing of time: On homogenous, smooth grounds that consist either of abraded, many layered, once rejected pictures or monochrome undergrounds, Krauskopf performs a single image constituting intervention. Using a scraper or a paint-brush, he hauls a broad, even application of color over an already existing imagination. Thus, a symbiosis forms between a picture of the past and its consummation in the present. This is the actual sense-making moment in Peter Krauskopf’s painting which echoes in the exhibition’s title – “Block”.

Rapainting signifies the overwriting of time. For Peter Krauskopf, the act of repainting is an occurrence which reflects his examination of the phenomenon time. In the sense of Edmund Husserl and Paul Ricoeur, he is interested in the relation of objective time – as the pre-condition for the becoming of a subject – to the always subjective perception of time. In this way, Peter Krauskopf’s new works can be understood as collages about the phenomenon of time. They combine the museum of pictures in his head – particularly from American color field painting, German Romanticism and Dutch masters of the 17th century – with the artist’s intuition in the Here and Now.

Peter Krauskopf, born in 1966, studied painting at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, where he was a postgraduate student of Prof. Arno Rink from 1995 until 1997. Since then, his works have been shown in numerous institutional solo exhibitions, such as in the Mies van der Rohe-Haus, Berlin (2007), the Forum Kunst Rottweil and the Kunsthalle Lingen (2008). Lastly, some paintings were displayed in the “Berlin Clondyke 2011”-show in Dawon City, Canada. Peter Krauskopf’s works are represented in many public collections. He lives and works in Berlin.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, published at Jovis Verlag, Berlin.

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