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Sculpture in Motion, Art Choreographed by Nature
curated by Sculpturesite Gallery    May 3 - Oct 31, 2008

Rockspinner 6 -  On display at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Zachary Coffin
Rockspinner 6 - On display at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, 2007
Rocker and Butterfly
Lin Emery
Rocker and Butterfly, 2008
Jeffery Laudenslager
Hokusai, 2008
Jeffery Laudenslager
Mikoshi, 2008
Masdevallia Extravaganza
Kristina Lucas
Masdevallia Extravaganza, 2008
Figure 8 on Open Rectangle
Roger Phillips
Figure 8 on Open Rectangle, 2006
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Brigitte Micmacker, co-owner of Sculpturesite Gallery is the Guest Curator for this extensive survey of kinetic sculpture featuring more than 25 kinetic works by 16 different artists (15 living), from seven states and three countries, most of which were created specifically for this show. The works are sited among the lavishly blooming flowers and trees at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and use wind, water, solar, magnetic and sound wave forces to continually transform into mesmerizing ever-changing forms.

All works except the George Rickey are offered for sale, with proceeds, in part, going to support mission-related endeavors of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Commissions are also available. Please direct inquiries to the Gallery.

Location: Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, Georgia

Sculpture in Motion, Art Choreographed by Nature
Ambitious exhibition of kinetic sculpture held in a beautiful setting
ATLANTA (Feb. 15, 2008)— Amid the lavishly blooming flowers and trees at the Atlanta Botanical Garden this spring, an array of extraordinary sculptures come to life! Moved (literally) by the power of the elements, more than 25 kinetic sculptures from 17 different artists will be on display beginning May 3 through October 31, 2008. Each piece moves and shifts as a result of natural forces—air currents, water, solar power, sound waves, or human energy—forming endless compositions that change over time in perfect harmony with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This important exhibition of kinetic fine art is the most extensive survey of outdoor kinetic sculpture ever held, and includes prominent kinetic sculptors working today in the U.S., Germany and Japan, as well as emerging kinetic artists. The art work is for sale with proceeds, in part, going to support mission-related endeavors of the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Group Exhibition and Guest Curator
The group exhibition features sixteen artists (15 living), from seven states and three countries, most of whom have created new work specifically for this show. Sculpture in Motion was organized in collaboration with Guest Curator Brigitte Micmacker, Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco. Micmacker notes, “I am delighted to collaborate with the dedicated staff at Atlanta Botanical Garden to present the most extensive survey of kinetic sculpture ever held.”

Description of the Sculpture
Fascinating to watch, the sculptures evoke personal responses as varied as the artwork itself. The continual changes in wind-powered kinetics are mesmerizing, as they capture and give form to breezes that are also made visible by the leaves of nearby trees, yet using gleaming metals instead of foliage. Other forms of moving sculpture, such as liquid magnetics that morph into amazing shapes and multi-ton interactives that can be pushed by a toddler, simply defy explanation and must be seen to be believed.

List of Artists
1. Zac Coffin, GA
2. Lin Emery, LA
3. David Fried (Germany)
4. Ralfonso Gschwend, FL
5. Brad Howe, CA
6. Sachiko Kodama (Japan)
7. Jeffery Laudenslager, CA
8. Kristina Lucas, CA
9. Moto Ohtake, CA
10. Susan Pascal Beran, CA
11. Roger Phillips, NY
12. Troy Pillow, WA
13. Tim Prentice, CT
14. George Rickey (1907-2002)
15. George Sherwood, MA
16. John Tyler, CA

Sampling of Artists
The Garden’s exhibition features a piece by the acclaimed George Rickey on loan from the High Museum of Art. Rickey pioneered the modern art of kinetic sculpture, using strong geometric shapes moving with the spirit of nature, and inspired a new generation of sculptors worldwide.
Jeffrey Laudenslager of California works with super-lightweight titanium, harnessing air currents to create subtly moving geometrical forms.
Japanese artist Sachiko Kodama employs electromagnets and magnetically-charged micro fine particles suspended in water or oil to create stunning and completely original moving sculptural art forms.
American-born David Fried, now working in Germany, utilizes a proprietary system to capture sound waves and translate them into movement. In his work, spheres resting on a flat plane come to life with increasing excitement as the volume of sound in the environment increases. His work is shown Courtesy Sara Tecchia Gallery, NY.
Sculptor Tim Prentice perfectly captures the limitless appeal of kinetic sculpture: “The engineer in me wants to minimize friction and inertia to make the air visible. The architect studies matters of scale and proportion. The navigator and sailor want to know the strength and direction of the wind. The artist wants to understand its ever changing shape. Meanwhile, the child wants to play.”

The 411 on the Atlanta Botanical Garden
The Garden is located at 1345 Piedmont Ave. N.E. in the heart of Midtown, and is open Tuesday-Sunday (closed Monday) from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. To view the exhibition at night enhanced by theatrical lighting, visit the Garden Thursday evenings during Cocktails in the Garden. Admission is adults $12, children 3-17 and seniors 65+ $9, and children under 3 and Garden members are free. For more information, please visit or phone 404-876-5859.

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