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Constructed Space    Jun 13 - Jul 20, 2013

In a Landscape
Ralph Bernabei
In a Landscape, 2012
Wrapped Volume / A0027485
Ralph Bernabei
Wrapped Volume / A0027485
Untitled (4.15)
Macyn Bolt
Untitled (4.15), 2013
Untitled (5.1)
Macyn Bolt
Untitled (5.1), 2013
standing assembly [#6] (immanence manifold.)
Jeff Doran
standing assembly [#6] (immanence manifold.), 2013
standing assembly [#7] (immanence manifold.)
Jeff Doran
standing assembly [#7] (immanence manifold.), 2013
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Kim Foster Gallery is pleased to present “Constructed Space,” recent work by Ralph Bernabei, sculpture by Jeff Doran and paintings by Macyn Bolt.

Born in New York, Ralph Bernabei currently lives and works in Colera, Spain. Bernabei’s paintings have been a rigorous and abstract dialogue between opposites, between black and white, between fullness and void. Recently he has expanded his vocabulary with the use of blood red, which adds a definite emotional tension. His new books unfold accordion style into space and become readable as sculptures.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Jeff Doran currently lives and works in Savannah, GA. Doran’s new sculptures are an accumulation of difference in similar parts. Constructed from electrostatically coated welded steel cloth that is twisted and sewn into a variety of pieces of different sizes and assembled at various angles, each finished piece either stands free or is suspended in the air. As the viewer walks around and under the work, the careful consideration of the placement of the industrial material fully activates the surrounding space.

Macyn Bolt’s abstract paintings posit rich spatial conundrums. By employing a full vocabulary of painterly approaches, he contrasts interior with exterior, fluid with flat, motion with stasis. Foreground and background are likely to repeatedly switch identities. Bolt’s folded, distorted shapes often speak with a sculptural voice while simultaneously affirming the two dimensional plane. The multiplicity of perspective and dimensional ambiguity are visual riddles that tempt resolution.

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