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Chris Moon: Home    Oct 1 - Oct 7, 2011

Home will present the art world with a vital introduction to the newly discovered talent that is Essex-born painter, Chris Moon. Self-taught and painting relentlessly from his live-in studio in Hackney, Moon takes the traditional painters’ subject matter of still life, human form and landscape and creates bizarre interactions between them. Hyper-realised shapes “which dissolve in to their environments” are juxtaposed next to chaotic forms and signify Moon’s self-professed, unyielding “obsession with containment,” in a both a formalistic and psychological sense. This collection of works is a physical and mental embodiment of one man’s home environment and what it means to him. This is where Moon’s story starts: figures get placed in bizarre landscapes made up of Moon’s surroundings and colours take inspiration from shop signs and local objects such as bins. Metaphors can be seen in painted objects such as balloons, which make reference to his past. His domestic landscapes blend into obscure, abstract ones and his figurative work can either be intensely life-like or wildly intangible. In Home, Moon scrutinizes the mental contents of his observations and then paints them, after which they subside into a reflection of his own self. He explains of his abstract work: “it is a translation from mind to canvas, produced by an autonomous and impulsive set of painting techniques and processes.” These have been practiced extensively over the last seven years by Moon, in order to “get to the bare soul of the painting,” which demonstrates a restless devotion to painting of times past that is exceptionally rare among artists today.

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