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Summer Collective Part I Featuring Elizabeth Allison    Jul 11 - Aug 17, 2013

February in Dilim
Elizabeth Allison
February in Dilim, 2013
Rossford, Insomnia
Elizabeth Allison
Rossford, Insomnia, 2013
Route 50
Elizabeth Allison
Route 50, 2013
Portrait I
Federico Infante
Portrait I, 2013
Polyptych Gem
Mark Knoerzer
Polyptych Gem, 2013
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BERTRAND DELACROIX GALLERY is excited to announce our Summer Collective Part I featuring works by ELIZABETH ALLISON, STEPHANE EROUANE DUMAS, FEDERICO INFANTE, MARK KNOERZER and BETH CARTER. The exhibition features a series of all new works by talented watercolorist Elizabeth Allison. Allison, a young American artist, creates large-scale atmospheric landscapes on paper that invite the viewer to walk into them. Since her first exhibition at BDG in late summer of 2012, her work has elicited an extraordinary level of attention. Visible water drops, dreamlike ambiances and the ability to provoke incredible emotional reactions distinguish her works. In this all-new collection, Allison remains true to her distinct style but experiments with new color palettes; she gravitates towards warmer browns, oranges and reds in many of the pieces rather than the blues, greens and purples that defined her previous collection.

Select pieces from French artist Stéphane Erouane Dumas’ newest collection, REFLETS, will also be on display. These oils demonstrate Dumas’ ability to capture the fleeting fragility of nature- a falling leaf, a serene lake or the delicate juxtaposition of leaves floating on the water’s surface with the reflection of the surrounding environment. His recognition of these subtleties and ability to render them in oil sets his work apart from traditional landscapes. New works by young Chilean artist Federico Infante will also be on display. Infante’s acrylics, blends of the figurative and abstract genres, have consistently sold out since his introduction to the gallery last spring.

Mark Knoerzer will have several vibrant and skillfully executed pieces on view as well. Knoerzer, who masterfully works without the aid of machinery or computers, uses a variety of mediums to create brightly colored, abstract experiments with shape and color. English artist Beth Carter will have several sculptures on display throughout the gallery. Her bronze and resin pieces, heavily inspired by mythology, have been consistently successful and well received by both the public and press.

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