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Marcel Gromaire    (French, 1892-1971)

 Marcel Gromaire - La forêt et les tours (Paintings) h: 81 x w: 100 cm / h: 31.9 x w: 39.4 in
Marcel Gromaire
La forêt et les tours 1942
 Marcel Gromaire - Le montagnard
Marcel Gromaire
Le montagnard
 Marcel Gromaire - Le port (Paintings) h: 25 x w: 32.5 cm / h: 9.8 x w: 12.8 in
Marcel Gromaire
Le port 1943
 Marcel Gromaire - Notre Dame (Paintings) h: 100 x w: 81 cm / h: 39.4 x w: 31.9 in
Marcel Gromaire
Notre Dame 1956
 Marcel Gromaire - Paysage de Hollande (Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.)) h: 27 x w: 36 cm / h: 10.6 x w: 14.2 in
Marcel Gromaire
Paysage de Hollande 1942

1892 Marcel Gromaire was born in Noyelles-sur-Sambre (North).
1909 After his classical studies at Douai, then in Paris where his father was a teacher at the Buffon High School, Gromaire receives his baccalauréat in law and then quickly abandons a judiciary career path.
1910 He frequents some studios in Montparnasse.
1912 He performs his military service in Lille. The war begins and during his six years in the army, he is hurt (1916) at la Somme.
1919 Gromaire returns to Paris and he ensures the cinematographic criticism of the "Crapouillot".
1920 The notoriety of Gromaire is established and it is a meeting with Dr. Girardin who during 10 years, will buy (by contract) the whole of his production. When Dr. Girardin passed away in 1953, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris received 78 oil paintings as well as some watercolors from him.
1933 Retrospective at the Kunsthalle de Bâle: it confirms his body of work.
1937 Paris, Exposition Internationale: orders from the State
1939 - 1944 He resides at Aubusson and participates in the renewal of the tapestry movement with Jean Lurçat.
1947 He begins exhibiting at the Galerie Louis Carré
1950 Named professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. He leaves this position in 1962.
1950 He moves to the United States and becomes a member of the Jury for the Carnegie Prize which went to Jacques Villon that year. This same prize is awarded to him in 1952.
1954 He is made commander of the Légion d'Honneur.
1956 Gromaire obtains the National Guggenheim prize and in 1958 the Grand Prix National des Arts.
1971 Gromaire passes away after a long hospitalization
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