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Perspectives: Nine Women, Nine Views (New York)    Jul 7 - Jul 30, 2011

Furisode Kimono
Miya Ando
Furisode Kimono, 2011
Frances Barth
red, 2010
Zone Unknown
Joan Vennum
Zone Unknown, 2010
Hangin' Around
Betty Weiss
Hangin' Around, 2010
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Opening cocktail reception: Thursday, July 7, 6 – 8 PM

Sundaram Tagore Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition showcasing the work of nine female artists with viewpoints as diverse as the media they work in. Although these women are from different spheres (Australia, Japan, America) and generations (they range in age from 36 to 81), they have all dedicated their careers to complex intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic explorations. Perspectives: Nine Women, Nine Views is a tribute to the achievement of these internationally renowned artists.

The artists—Miya Ando, Frances Barth, Denise Green, Sheila Isham, Judith Murray, Joan Vennum, Merrill Wagner, Susan Weil, and Betty Weiss—use a wide range of materials including laser-cut mirrors, sterling silver, marble dust, wood veneer, and painted steel.

Emerging artist Miya Ando, whose work is being shown at the gallery for the first time, is a descendent of a Japanese sword maker. Ando explores the transformative qualities of metal, fashioning lacquer-coated silver plates into kimonos that transcend the material’s rigid boundaries in such a way that it appears as fluid as silk.

American artist Susan Weil, whose career spans 60 years, continues to introduce new mixed-media sculptural paintings, deconstructing and reconstructing images, setting figures in motion, and building on her already prolific contribution to twentieth century American art.

American abstract artist Judith Murray uses built-up strokes of paint in a limited palette of red, yellow, white, and black, to create a trademark language of effusion and sensation. Murray’s paintings compel the viewer to follow paths of light and pigment that forge pathways suggesting elements of landscapes, streams, and the light of changing seasons.

Merrill Wagner, who was raised in the Pacific Northwest and moved to New York City in the late 1950s, is a celebrated artist venerated for her dedication to conveying the romanticism of the great American landscape. Her sculptural paintings on stone, slate, and steel, focus on the unique nuances of surfaces. She is noted for her use of contrasting color, and geometric abstraction.

From its inception in 2000, Sundaram Tagore Gallery has been devoted to examining the exchange of ideas between Western and non-Western cultures. The gallery was established as a venue for art that transcends boundaries—cultural, generational, gender, and ethnic—and it remains focused on developing exhibitions that encourage spiritual, social and aesthetic dialogues. Supporting female artists from the outset, the gallery was founded as a progressive space where artists of different origins could come together in conversation and debate. Perspectives: Nine Women, Nine Views continues to build on that mission.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery is pleased to participate in Chelsea Art Walk July 28, 2011, from 5 to 8 pm. There will be live music, chilled Bellinis, and artists from the show will be on hand during the event.

For more information, please email or call 212-677-4520

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