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The Madness of Art: INTERVIEWS—Season 1, Episode 4

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The Madness of Art Season 1 Episode 4 In Season 1, Episode 4 of The Madness of Art, Jim looks for a replacement for “Miss Oops,” the gallery’s ex-assistant.

The Madness of Art features Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner and his interactions with the eccentrics that make the New York art world go round. Posted since 2010, this four-season series gives viewers a peek into the realm of Jim Kempner Fine Art.

In Season 1, Episode 4, Kempner looks for a replacement for “Miss Oops,” the gallery’s ex-assistant. He prepares for a barrage of young, savvy downtown art students armed with insightful questions. Instead, the gallery owner discovers why he hates the interview process. "Who painted Andy Warhol's iconic Campbell Soup Cans?" “Who cut off Van Gogh's ear?” Though these would seem to be easy questions for someone with an art background, Kempner gets an array of incorrect answers. Find out who gets hired!

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