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Copyright of the artist, Courtesy of the artist and the following galleries: Galerie Krinzinger, Galerie SixFriedrichLisaUngar, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

Portrait / Foto: © Udo Titz
Eva Schlegel's work includes photographs, objects, and installations concerned with the interaction of objects and perception, especially with the contradictions und ruptures that frequently occur in this relationship. In many of her works, meaning is constructed by consciously mobilizing the potential of associations and fathoming its depth. Her engagement with concealing and revealing, disclosure and discovery investigates structures of desire and legibility immanent to the image. (Secession)

Eva Schlegel has the following primary representatives:

Galerie Krinzinger. Vienna, Austria
Galerie SixFriedrichLisaUngar. Munich, Germany
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard. Copenhagen, Denmark