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Courtesy and Copyright of the Artist and Rosenfeld Porcini

"The Dark Light of Matter:
Works by Roberto Almagno and Sandro Sanna"

Museo Carlo Bilotti, Rome, Italy
May 19-July 8, 2012

"Memory: Contemporary International Sculpture"
Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naples, Italy
May 18-June 10, 2012

"Roberto Almagno: The Perfection of Form"
Rosenfeld Porcini, London, United Kingdom
May 4-June 27, 2012


... [Roberto Almagno's] use of his material is in fact aimed at creating a sublime form, something that stands outside reality rather than in it. His starting point is gathering wood from the forests surrounding his native city of Rome, but when they're finally back in his studio, he refines these large pieces revealing the pure essence and energy within the material. These beautiful, elongated shapes refer to an idealized vision of memory; a forest that might appear to us in our dreams.

Excerpt from catalogue for "Memory: Contemporary International Sculpture," Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery. London, United Kingdom, 2011.