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Rudy Ernst
American, (Swiss born, 1937-)
Pioneer, Painter, Sculptor and Writer.
Works reflect Serious, Fascinated and Funny Angles.
The fragility of life, as experienced by his 32-minute cardiac arrest: Reducing the human figure to its bare bone, like the shadows of those giant pine tree silhouettes against the snowy Swiss mountains during a full moon night, where Ernst grew up, just five miles from the high school of Alberto Giacometti’s formative years.

As reflected in his Computer Aided Art (CAA) images. In these pioneering works, Ernst combines his traditional paintings with the new digital technologies. His CAA series Ribbons of Fame attempts to imagine how the giants of art history would work with digital imaging if they were alive today.
Ernst’s Space Sculptures are embedded in acrylic trans-parent cubes to simulate weightlessness.

...and Funny
The humorous Teenies, Wackies and Intertwined Nudes are the best medicine to combat boredom and achieve Happiness in life.