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"Susanna Coffey: Nocturnes"
Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, New York
March 22-April 22, 2012


"I've always been interested in representations of the feminine within the history of painting. Its history is something that interests me for many reasons. You might say that painting is a signifier for beauty iself, and the realm of the aesthetic. The subject of "feminine appearance" has also to do with categories of beauty and aesthetics. So I feel like these two things - painting and representations of women - are important to one another, and for me are worthy of a lifetime's investigation. And it's particularly interesting to me to be doing it as a woman when painting has been declared dead. As an act of resistance, I'm very interested in being a painter."

Susanna Coffey
Reprinted from an interview with Michael Rooks, in exhibition catalogue for Susanna Coffey: New York, Tibor De Nagy Gallery, 2001.

Representing Galleries:
Valerie Carberry Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Alpha Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
Taylor/Bercier Fine Art, New Orleans, Louisiana
Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina
Galeria Isabel Ignacio, Seville, Spain
Pi 37 Gallery, Pireus, Greece