David Askevold
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 Title Knife Throw
 Work Date 1969
 Medium A 4X8 ft. sheet of aluminum foil covered insulation panel, 3 throwing knives and 3 flashlights
16mm, 4:20 min. black and white, mono film produced in Halifax, N.S., Canada.
 Description Structure: The static 16 mm camera is placed in a room lit by a rheostat controlled light system. Two flashlights are strapped to my ankles and the 3rd. to my left wrist. I begin throwing the knives 20 ft. from the panel and move towards it at 2 foot intervals up to 10 ft. from the surface and then back again.
The lights are dimmed at equal amounts at each 3 throws until the room is totally dark revealing only light specks given by the flashlights reflecting off the punctured surface of the panel. The soundtrack consist of the knives striking the surface and bouncing off the floor; a woman’s voice is heard speaking ‘stick, bounce, stick, stick, bounce’ etc., as each knife is thrown.
The footage is divided on a split screen. The left side is of the knives striking the surface and the right side, retrieving them. The time of both activities vary, so the left panel, showing the knife hitting is shorter so this side darkens more quickly than the right.

credits: camera and rheostat by: Tim Zuck
voice by: Terrel Seltzer